Best Influencer Marketing Practices for 2018

Best Influencer Marketing Practices for 2018

In the social media world, influencer marketing practices have become popular and are among the most effective strategies around. The reason as to why influencer marketing is growing is because it’s an excellent medium for getting your products in front of an audience with a confident voice.2018 brands should adhere to these influencer marketing practices to be at the forefront.

Label ads as ads

There’s no room for hiding influencer marketing in 2018.  Last year influencers and marketers were asked by the federal trade commission to disclose their relationship to brands when promoting or recommending products in the online platform.

If you reach out to influencers or marketers to promote your products, make sure that they specify that the ads are paid ads. They can use hashtags #ads, paid post or #sponsored ad.

Emphasize on Honesty

Also, in showing that your ads are paid for making sure that your influencers are honest. Their followers don’t want to feel like they are being used or that they have to cough out money to be true fans.

Request your influencers to carefully choose the products they will be promoting and talking about particular things that they love, how they have used them in their day to day life, how they can better the lives of the audiences and other things that might be of interest to the audience.

Consider other online platforms apart from Instagram

Instagram is the most famous online platform in influencer marketing for 2018, but it’s not the only platform to showcase your products.

YouTube also has a lot of potential influencers especially if you are targeting the youth. Influencer marketing in Facebook, pin interest and snapchat are also growing.

Expand your horizons

Avoid putting all your eggs in one influencer basket. Don’t be afraid to bring in new influencers once in a while. You can try your luck with a new or upcoming influencer. This will give you the chance of acquiring new and different audiences and also tap into new opportunities for marketing your products.


As a marketer, it is essential to move with influencer trends. Make a habit of checking your online accounts and learn to keep tabs on them. Apart from updating your influencer marketing strategies, you will also need to find ways to manage and monitor them too.

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