4 Social Media Trends That Will Definitely Take Over 2018

4 Social Media Trends That Will Definitely Take Over 2018

In this digital era, social media is evolving.  Social platforms are no longer places for sharing old jokes, rumors or fun fair photos. Today, it is becoming a crucial business tool for entrepreneurs with a desire to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, you should keep a close look on the prevailing social media trends. Through this, you will easily adapt the trend in a way that will benefit your business. Also, the step will enable you to have a competitive advantage in your niche. Having this in mind, here are four social media trends that will take over 2018:

Using customized Chabot

If you are having thousands of customers and all need a response from you, this is the best time to consider a Chabot. It is software which is growing at a rapid rate and performs an automated task.

 As a business owner, you can program the Chabot to communicate with your customers on social media. It acts as a customer support representative for 24/7 which will assure your customers get help anytime they need it.

The live video which is booming

Live video has become a critical part of marketing strategies. Social media trends today has increased the use of live videos. Therefore, as a brand marketer, you should take advantage of live video to communicate to your customers before 2018 ends.

  It is easy to use as you can easily communicate with a large number of audiences who prefer watching videos rather than reading.

To engage with your social media followers, start going live in all your distribution channels. By doing this, you will even have more funs and become a competitive entrepreneur.

Increasing popularity of Instagram stories

It’s 2018, so you need to analyze various new audiences. Instagram has many advertisers who are often using stories. Therefore, it is your time to become active on Instagram by posting attractive photos and videos and also communicating with your users as well. By doing this, you’ll stand out from competitors.

Social listening

Social listening can make you emerge at the top in 2018 by making sure you are targeting the right audience. To achieve this, you have to look at the action of your customer by viewing what they are commenting on your Instagram page. Therefore, as a social marketer, you can get a new opportunity by listening to what people are saying.

To achieve this new opportunity, you must have an excellent customer care service. You can do this by interacting in conversations and listening to what they say.


In 2018, you have to stay up to date with the latest social media trends to help you succeed in your business. This will enable you to have the right audience.

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